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Andy Feifarek
Photographer / Wrangler

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Anni Bergman
Founder / Dancer / Photographer

No longer able to stand the constant barrage of questions and continuous running commentary of a toddler, Anni's mom signed her up at the local dance studio for an "Intro to Dance" class. At the age of 3, Anni was hooked on dance. Until she was a teen, Anni's focus was on jazz, ballet, and theatre. Around 16, she stumbled into the world of Scottish Highland and Irish Step and a new love was found. She competed in that arena for many years, eventually earning her Scottish Highland teaching credential. A founding member of Bijou, Anni delved into the world of cancan for many years until the travel bug bit her. Unfortunately, Anni lives too far away to properly kick up her heels with the members of Bijou on a regular basis, but has been known to perform with the Bijou when she is in town, and takes amazing photographs for them when the opportunity arises. She loves watching the troupe grow and expand.

Cindy Gurtner

Cindy's original love of stage and performance was with singing. In her late adolescence, while singing with a madrigal group, acting and dancing found a larger role in her life. She joined a dance team, and acted in several stage productions. Relocating to Northern California in the early 1990's, she began Irish Dancing competitively. Although she loved dancing and competing, she happily  stopped dancing after five years upon learning she was having her first child. in 2010, her love of stage and performance would no longer be denied. The timing was perfect as Queen Anne's Revenge, an all-ladies nautical-themed singing group was seeking a new soprano, and invited Cindy to audition. She has been singing with them ever since. She joined Le Cancan Bijou in 2011, excited to be singing and dancing again.!

Amy Gray

A lover of all things theatric and movement-oriented, Amy began studying ballet, tap, and jazz at the age of four. While ballet always remained her primary passion, later studies in modern dance, tribal fusion bellydance, and butoh finally relaxed the bun on top of her head a bit. Not long before joining LCCB, Amy had been performing with Ballet Theatre San Luis Obispo, Variable Velocity Performance Group, and Tokyo-based cabaret act Bombyx Mori – with whom she has performed in Japan and throughout Russia. In 2011 and 2012, Amy was a featured choreographer in Ballet Theatre San Luis Obispo's Emerging Choreographers' Showcase, and presented additional choreographic works at events in California and Japan. Amy is thrilled to be now dancing amid the glitzy, high energy ruffles of Le Cancan Bijou.*

Tanya Anguita
Founder / Dancer

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Stefani Pelletier

​​Most of Stefani’s life has been spent on a stage or in front of (and often behind) a camera. Classical ballet training began at age 3 but an ankle injury sadly brought her training to an end during adolescence. She continued studying modern, jazz, ballet and various other varieties of free-form dance, which coalesced into her own unique style as a costume-laden go-go dancer in the San Francisco club scene. Her extensive range of artistic talents includes acting, dancing, DJing, photography, figure modeling, contralto vocals. When she’s not focused on her dramatic pursuits she can be found dancing to, playing or singing whatever music happens to be in her head at the moment. She joined Le Cancan Bijou in 2010 after an extended odyssey around the globe, adding even more boisterous energy to their already dynamic spirit.

Karen Mack

Karen Mack has been dancing since she could stand upright. While classically trained in ballet, she has also passionately embraced classic jazz, tap, latin and Russian character, Charleston, swing, cabaret/vaudeville, belly-dance, and burlesque (performing under the moniker Ginger O'Shea). Karen joined Le Can Can Bijou as "Erin Tways" in 2005.

Katy Bornholdt

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Vanessa River

​Vanessa River, dancing much of her life through theater and impromptu dance parties, found the rip roaring talent of Bijou in 2011. dazzled by ruffles, and stripy stockings she was overjoyed to don some feathers and boots and kick her heels up with these incredible ladies and gents. When offstage Vanessa River can be found inspiring students of all ages as a Outdoor Science Teacher, scuba diving, costuming, and reading comics.​

Elizabeth Rislove Etler
​​Dancer & Choreographer

Liz is thrilled to be performing with Le Cancan Bijou for her 5th year! She comes to the troupe with over 20 years of dance and performance experience in tap, jazz, ballet, musical theatre, swing, latin, and ballroom, for which she has earned many awards and accolades. She particularly loves cancan for its high-energy mix of traditional steps, classic technique, humor, and modern dance sensibilities. Her favorite performance venues with LCCB have included the Dickens Fair, the Edwardian Ball, Old Sacramento Time Traveler Weekends, and Dark Kabaret.



Corey March

Corey began physical activity as a competitive gymnast, training in gymnastics for thirteen years, studying dance within it and later coaching it.  She danced and choreographed dance throughout college and has performed randomly over the years including dancing in a contemporary piece with West Wave at the Yerba Buena Center in Aug 2008 and being a supernumerary on stilts in the SF Opera's production of "Mephistopheles".  She has been a martial artist for over fifteen years and enjoys stilting, tightrope walking, ballroom dancing, swing dancing and yoga.  She is a contemporary artist by profession.​

Amber Steele

As a tenured professor, Amber Steele leads the Dance Program at Skyline College serving as the Choreographer, Artistic Director and Coordinator for the Skyline College Performing Arts Showcase, Spring Musicals and Annual Dance Shows.  She also is the faculty advisor for the Spirit Squad and Dance Club, and Dance Honor Society.

Marnie Worel Wilson

​Marnie started Irish dancing with Annie McBride in her 20's when her daughter wanted to learn, thinking it would be good exercise.  Six months later she was competing on a National level.  Marnie went on to dance for several years with the Irish dance troupe Siamsa le Cheile. She happily joined Le Cancan Bijou in 2006, and has been helped to 'herd cats' in previous years.   When she isn't dancing you can find her singing with the all women nautical group Queen Anne's Revenge.

Lindsay Ferguson

Lindsay has been dancing for much of her life. She dreamed of one day being in a dance troupe to round out her repertoire jam-packed full of geekeries and sundries including online gaming and acting. In 2011, Lindsay's dream became a reality when she joined Le Cancan Bijou. Finally home, Lindsay found freedom to pursue her acting career full-gusto and now models, livestreams PC games, stars in fantasy-themed and geeky web shows, and produces video-game related YouTube content from her home studio. When Lindsay isn't on-camera, she enjoys yoga, making people laugh with dinosaur impressions, strumming on her banjos, using any excuse to play dress-up and playing all the games!

Michael Roy

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Monique Ivan Woodruff


Monique has been performing for over twenty-five years.  She started her training in ballet and soon added a number of other dance styles to her repertoire.  After dancing cancan for several years, she was asked to direct for a special event and Le Cancan Bijou was born.  Monique has also acted in the theatrical sword fighting comedy Shakespeare's "Bloody Bits," as Milady in "The Three Musketeers", Louise Brooks in the 70th Anniversary production of "War of the Worlds", Dauphenie LaCroix in "All's Well That Ends Badly" and various other theatre performances in the SF Bay Area. She has studied acting at Studio ACT in San Francisco and Waterfront Playhouse and Conservatory in Berkeley. Monique also holds a degree from California College of the Arts.

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